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The Creative Process

The sale of art work in the Bronzes by Korczak collection makes it possible for Ruth Ziolkowski and her family to offer bronze castings of additional original sculptures.

Monique Ziolkowski-Howe, daughter of Korczak and Ruth, oversees the making of every bronze in the Bronzes by Korczak collection. Monique, a talented sculptor in her own right, does not just supervise but is personally involved in the creation of each bronze, large and small.

The mold for each bronze is taken directly from the original sculpture in the studio that was Korczak's and is now Monique's, on the grounds of Crazy Horse Memorial. Brett Chomer, who creates the molds, is an artist and fabricator from Santa Fe, New Mexico, with over 20 years of experience. His molds contain an unmatched level of detail. The mahogany wood grain of the original Fighting Stallions can be seen in the mold, as can the texture of the original marble sculptures in their molds.

Monique also oversees the work at all bronze foundries. Her intimate knowledge of her father's work allows her to ensure that minute details of the wax castings match the originals. She checks the metal castings the same way, working with the foundry staff on the floor and even grinding the metal herself if needed to perfectly match the bronze with the original.

Finally, Monique oversees the application of the patina and personally transports the bronzes home to South Dakota.

This supreme level of care and attention to detail produces extraordinary pieces of art to enhance your home or business.