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Top: President Clinton (right) and Senator Tom Daschle view the bronze of Korczak's John F. Kennedy bas relief as Monique Ziolkowski and her daughter Heidi look on.

Bottom: Monique Ziolkowski, daughter Heidi, President Clinton, Korczak's biographer Robb DeWall, and Tom Daschle during the White House presentation.

Clinton Accepts 
Kennedy Bas Relief by Korczak

President Bill Clinton accepted two bronze works of art by Korczak Ziolkowski, sculptor of Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills.

During the White House presentation May 20, 1993 a large bronze bas relief of President John F. Kennedy was given to President Clinton, an admirer of JFK. A 1/1,200th Crazy Horse scale model mounted on a blast fragment from the mountain carving was presented for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The bronzes were a personal gift from the sculptor’s wife, Ruth. She was represented at the White House ceremony by her daughter Monique Ziolkowski, Monique’s daughter Heidi, then eight years old, and Robb DeWall, the sculptor’s biographer. They were introduced to President Clinton by S.D. Senator Tom Daschle who arranged the presentation that also recognized the 45th anniversary of the June 3, 1948 dedication of Crazy Horse Memorial.

“For the President to accept the sculptures personally at the White House was most unusual,” said Daschle. “It was a high honor which recognized not only Korczak’s life and talent but his family’s dedication - and success - in continuing the Crazy Horse dream.”

The senator added that the two sculptures by Korczak were the only works of fine art by a South Dakotan displayed in the White House.

The President told the group he has followed the progress at Crazy Horse over the years and hoped to visit someday. Near the end of his term in office, Clinton accepted Ruth Ziolkowski’s invitation to visit Crazy Horse. He toured the Memorial on July 6, 1999.


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